Saturday, March 31, 2012


So I posted this already....but it didn't post.  So now I am supposed to remember what I had written.  SSHHHHYEAH right.  I think it was something about being ignorant when I had signed up for the Army.  Not about being ignorant BY signing up, just in the fact that they told me there were no "Airborne Ranger" contracts available and that I believed them. 
I had previously read "Starship Troopers", which is nothing like the movie, and knew that there was no way that I could join the military and not be a killer.  A military photo-journalist or phone operator I was not.  I knew that I had to be infantry.
I know that in the post that was erased I explained about the differences between the different "11" series of Infantry soldiers "b" being Light Infantry (grunts), "c" being mortarmen, "h" being dragon (anti-tank gunners), "m" being mechanized Infantry (Bradleys or other vehicles), "p" being paratrooper, "b4" being "sniper" etc and so forth...
I was initially 11x (x-ray) which meant "needs of the Army" and ended up being trained as a mortarman.  Once I got to the regular unit, I was assigned as a normal light infantry grunt.
In June of 93 I was convinced by some friends (who were leaving - they all eventually left as their time came and went) to try out for Scouts.  The tryouts weren't impossible, and I did OK in them.  I was selected.  Some scout platoons in some battallions weren't all that.  You seemed to have two extremes of Scout were either the red-headed step children or you were the Platoon that everyone tried to get into.  1/21 Scouts was a platoon that people aspired to.'s getting late and I need to carry this on at another time....

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