Saturday, March 31, 2012


What I needed to learn about myself and the people I respect I learned from Lieutenant Colonal Grossman. 
LT. COL. Grossman is a propogandist that also worked at West Point.  Propoganda aside, he put a handle on something that made total sense when he broke it down.
There are three main catagories of people.  There are your wolves, your sheep, and your sheep dogs.  The sheep are important.  They eat the grass and keep the fire danger down.  They are the general population and make up most of the masses.
The wolves are the killers who live only to prey on the sheep.  They do not see it as wrong to prey on sheep, that is simply what they were born to do.
The sheepdogs on the other hand, have a bloodlust also....  But they live to PROTECT the sheep.  They love the violence that they need to unleash on the wolves, but will only unleash that violence on a wolf.
The sheep do not like to see the sheep dogs.  They sometimes look similar to the wolves.  They are a reminder that wolves are out there, and sheep would frankly rather just eat grass and pretend that there is no danger.
When a wolf comes out of the forest, the sheep huddle near the sheepdog and love the shit out of him, then when the wolf is gone, the sheep quickly try to forget about the sheepdog.  The sheepdog doesn't mind, because he just lives to protect the flock.
There are varying degrees of each of the three types of people.  A mother who may be a sheep almost all of the time, may quickly turn into a sheepdog when her children are threatened.  A police officer may choose not to take his sidearm with him when he goes to the grocery store, thereby displaying sheep-like thinking "nothing is probably going to happen today".....  When the police officer does that, he/she should look in the mirror and say "baaaaaah", because they are mentally in sheep mode.
A story is told about a police officer who is on a SWAT team in Texas who did not take his gun with him when he attended church with his family.  Why in the heck would somebody want to take a gun to church right?  A deranged man walked into the church during the service and began shooting people.  The police officer could do nothing but lay on top of his son and hope that they survived...knowing full well that he had the skills and knowledge to stop the killling, if only he had brought the proper tool.
Some people who think about the hijacked flight that crashed into the Pennsylvania countryside say "man I'm glad I wasn't on that plane".  Others say "Man I wish I had been on the plane because I could've done something".
It's up to you to decide which of those people you are...and if you choose the wrong one...look in the mirror and say "BAAAAAHHHH"

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